Dutch Mum Murdered In Front Of Kids By Ex Who Suspected She Was Seeing Older Man

Story By: Delano Langras, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

Harrowing footage of a man who killed his estranged partner in front of her children after suspecting she had dumped him for an older man has been played in court as he goes on trial for murder.

In four recorded video messages, Babur Yoldash, 25, who at one point can be heard sharpening a knife, goes into detail about the reasons he plans to murder the mother of two Eleanore De Strijcker, 27, after she allegedly left him for her new lover who aged 60 was much older than herself.

He shot the video sitting in the car outside her house in March 2018, while she was asleep inside. He was playing Afghan music loudly and talking about how much he had done for her and her children before she dumped him.

Wilfried De Strijcker/Newsflash

He said he could not take the fact that she was in love with someone else and added: “If you find this cell phone, it means I’m dead and my girlfriend is dead, and so is the arsehole old man she is with. I can’t kill myself without her. I can’t control myself, I’m sorry. This is not me, this is someone else. I wish everyone who hears this a good life, we will see each other in a different world. Three people are going to die in an hour and a half and that is not my fault.”

He then lists the people he wants to forgive him including her dad and again wishes them all a good life afterwards.

The alleged older boyfriend of Eleanore, aged 60, was not with her when he carried out his plan, and indeed the older man told the court that there was no relationship, merely that they had a “great friendship” – but that the end of the day he was too old for her.

Wilfried De Strijcker/Newsflash

It is unclear if she was expecting him for someone else but when the doorbell rang, she opened it, and let in her killer.

The two girls were asleep in bed at the time, the youngest was four years old. She told police that “daddy still wanted mummy” and asked why her mother was covered with ketchup.

The older daughter, aged six, was more aware of what happened and gave detailed descriptions including a drawing of the carnage she had witnessed.

Wilfried De Strijcker/Newsflash

She said she woke up because she heard her mum scream, and then had spotted Babur in the hallway who told her to wait in a room for mum to call her.

Later after hearing him wash and leave, she went downstairs and found her mother lying in a pool of blood.

Trapped with a dead body, the two girls and eventually put on their coats and gone outside were neighbours who realised what had happened let them watch cartoons and called the police.

Wilfried De Strijcker/Newsflash

The court heard the heartbreaking story of how the little girl had been led into the interview room before the court and had held onto the carers arm and asked: “Do you want to become my mother”.

They are now living with their maternal grandfather Wilfried De Strijcker, 66, and grandmother. He told the court: “I sometimes think this whole thing is a bad dream, but I have to accept the awful reality that my Eleonora is gone forever.”

He said looking after girls kept in strong and added: “Every day that we can give them love and security is great. My only wish is that I live another 20 years to see that they turn out well.”

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