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Drunk Mum Leaves Baby Daughter In Snow To Go Partying

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A drunk mother has been arrested for leaving her baby daughter in the snow with the tot’s equally drunk father in minus 23 degrees Celsius temperatures to go off partying with pals.

Picture Credit: CEN

The dad who was carrying the baby under his coat had toppled into the snowdrift and banged his head, and when he was unable to climb out he had simply fallen asleep on the spot. 

According to local media, the mum told arresting cops: “It is okay, she did not freeze to death.”

The unnamed 25-year-old woman’s infant child reportedly suffered frostbite after lying in the snow for three hours in the city of Omsk in the south-central Russian region of Omsk Oblast.

The mum and her 40-year-old partner, who has not been named, were both drinking with pals when they decided to visit another group of friends and took their baby daughter with them.

Reports said that the mother did not bother dressing the child and handed her over to the father, who put the one-year-old in a baby carrier harness under his jacket.

When they left to visit their friends, the dad stumbled and fell into a snowdrift. 

Meanwhile, the mum saw the incident but left her partner and daughter in the snow to go off partying without them.

Three hours had passed before a bystander heard the baby crying and approached the unconscious parent.

The passerby saw the half-naked tot crying from under the man’s unzipped jacket and called the emergency services.

They were rushed to hospital and the child was diagnosed with frostbite and bruises on her head.

She remains under medical supervision, but is in a stable condition, according to reports.

Police spokeswoman Larisa Deeva said: “The child’s mother was found three days after the incident. She was in one of the neighbouring villages visiting friends.”

During the police interrogation, the mother reportedly admitted that she saw her partner and daughter lying in the snowdrift, but was in a rush to meet up with pals and so she left them there.

The mother is expected to be deprived of parental rights as the investigation continues.