Drunk Dad Who Forgot To Pick Up Son Files Missing Report

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This drunk dad hits himself in the face as he files a missing report for his son – only to later find out he had actually forgotten to pick the lad up from school.

Authorities in the prefecture of Daxing’anling, which is in north-eastern China’s Heilongjiang Province, later discovered the boy, aged seven, was safe with his nursery school teacher.

CCTV video from the Dongshan Police Station in Jiagedaqi District shows the distraught dad sobbing in front of the cops while mumbling incoherently about his boy at 9pm local time on 29th May.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

An office told local media: “The man came to us at the Dongshan Police Station and was very worried. 

“We asked him what was wrong, but he wasn’t even able to explain himself probably. He just sat right on the floor.

“He smelled of alcohol and finally revealed that he had lost his seven-year-old.”

The dad, who raises the boy alone while is wife works elsewhere, explained that he had left his son at home an hour earlier before going out for a drink. 

But when he returned, the boy was nowhere to be found – and he thought the child had run away.

In the video, the dad’s cries increase in volume as he pulls out his mobile phone to show the police what his boy was wearing that day.

He then begins slapping himself on the face using both hands, repeatedly saying: “Why did I teach him how to unlock the front door?”

The officer tells the dad: “Stop hitting yourself! What good will it do?”

The policeman later revealed: “I brought him into my office. He wouldn’t stop blaming himself and repeatedly slapped himself on the face.

“I told him not to worry, then we set off in search of the child.

“Our experience told us to enquire about his child’s nursery school, so we went there first.

“The teacher told us the parent had dropped the boy off at around 8am – and never picked him up.

“The father works as a train conductor. He arranged with the nursery school to board his son whenever he is unable to fetch him due to shift times.

“So when the dad didn’t show up, the teacher didn’t even think to contact him.

“We went back to the police station and told the parent, and that’s when he realised he had actually not fetched his son from school at all.”

The parent apparently became confused in his drunken state and misremembered, leading to the scenes in the police station.

The authorities sent the dad home shortly after.

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