Drunk Dad Kills Golden Retriever Pup As Daughter Cries

Story By: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: Asia Wire

This heartbreaking footage shows a drunk father violently beating his Golden Retriever pup to death as his crying daughter begs him to stop and is heard screaming: “Doggy is dead!”

And police in Shenzhen’s Nanshan District in South China’s Guangdong Province say the unnamed parent living in the Xihai Mingzhu residential area cannot be punished because the killer was the pooch’s legal owner.

Neighbours living opposite began filming when he started beating the puppy on his balcony with a stick. He later applied more and more force as the poor animal tried to defend itself by biting its master on the hand, the owner revealed.

The footage now viewed more than six million times online at the time of writing shows the owner punching the young Golden Retriever and stomping on it too, causing the pooch to howl in pain.

He later carries it to the other side of the balcony and continues punching it until his young daughter finally reveals herself, deciding to try to save her pet after having watched the entire beating from their sitting room, according to witnesses.

She can be heard pleading: “Daddy, stop hitting!” adding: “Doggy is dead!”

But the pooch died, and the dad put its body in a black bin bag before discarding it at a nearby market, local residents said.

By the homeowner’s own admission – in a written statement sent to all residents in the complex – he lost his temper on the evening of 28th November after returning home to find his puppy having freed itself from its lead and done poops on the floor.

He said his family’s clothes and furniture had also been ripped apart by the restless dog, causing him to begin hitting the animal as punishment.

“Perhaps because I was too heavy-handed, the dog bit me on the right hand. I responded in anger and accidentally beat it to death,” the statement said.

Authorities took the homeowner away for questioning but revealed they “cannot lodge a case against him” as he is the animal’s rightful and legal owner.

This is despite the dad’s claims he was ready to face any consequences.

He has apologised for the incident but members of the public have been left furious at the outcome.

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Picture Credits: Asia Wire

Netizen ‘une_enu’ wrote: “He drunkenly abused his dog. Without a dog, he might just turn on his wife and child.”

‘Lin Ningjingde’ said: “This child will be scarred for life.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – better known as PETA – have been campaigning for stricter animals protection laws in mainland China.

Keith Guo, media officer for its China office, told Asia Wire: “Being drunk or stressed from work are never reasons to abuse an animal.

“This cold-blooded animal killer should be punished by the law in order to prevent his violence from escalating to a point where he might harm more animals or even members of the public.

“He is said to have driven to a market and dumped the dog’s carcass – was he drink-driving? The authorities should check.”


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