Drunk Dad Cuts Kids Necks Open With Knife

Story ByAlex CopeSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report


A drunken dad has been arrested for slashing his young children’s necks with a knife and before turning the blade on himself during a booze-fuelled rampage.

The shocking incident occurred in the village of Xiachun in Anxi county in China’s Fujian province.

Local media report the father, surnamed Wang, had been drinking when he picked up a knife and began cutting his four children with it.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

His two sons, who have not been named but are aged six and nine, suffered 5-inch and 6-inch cuts across their necks respectively and the bleeding wounds can be seen in the photos.

The dad is also said to have turned the knife on his two daughters, no ages reported, before cutting himself with the blade.

All five members of the family were treated at Mingxuan Hospital and the boys were stabilised after being treated for their wounds which did not sever any arteries.

The daughters reportedly suffered lighter injuries and have now been discharged while the father was treated for a cut that was not life-threatening.

Wang was arrested and local media report one of the children told doctors their father drank heavily and was often abusive when intoxicated.

The two boys remain under observation and reports state the children’s mother was working in Xiamen city at the time of the attack.

A relative of the family is quoted as saying “nobody knows what happened that night apart from those directly involved” and the investigation is ongoing.

A neighbour told local media that Wang is unemployed.