Drunk Biker Tries To Stand On Seat But Falls

Story by: Scott Feng, Sub-Editor: Francis George, Agency: Asia Wire Report

                                                         Video Credit: Asia Wire

Police in China have finally captured a motorcycle owner who embarrassed himself by drunkenly standing on his seat and face-planting on the road seconds later.

Footage of the accident on 2nd October 2017 shows him inexplicably standing up on the seat of his speeding motorcycle and spreading his arms, but losing his balance and falling face first on the ground just three seconds later.

He then lies motionless on the road as a number of mopeds and vehicles witness his failed stunt.

Authorities in the town of Xiaolan in Zhongshan City in South China’s Guangdong Province rushed the intoxicated biker, surnamed Wei, to hospital after the painful accident, only for him to slip away while receiving further treatment.

His charges included riding a motorcycle with fake number plates and doing so without a helmet, as well as additional counts of evading justice and drink-driving.

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                                                                       Picture Credits: Asia Wire

The search lasting more than a year finally ended recently when authorities in the neighbouring town of Gu caught wind of his whereabouts.He was arrested in an internet cafe and will now faces his charges.

He did not explain why he decided to stand on his bike seat.

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