Drug Dealer Kills Pals Wife And Kids For Revenge

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

This alleged drug dealer has been arrested for murdering his former accomplice’s beautiful wife and young children – also pictured – after his pal reportedly gave him up to the police.

The shocking crime took place in a house on 1-ya Baza street in the city of Yakutsk in eastern Russia with four people and a dog being killed.

Local media report Mikahil Smirenskiy, 28, became enraged at his former accomplice Andrey Balushenkov, whose age is not reported, shortly after the latter was arrested for drug trafficking.

Newsflash/Andrey Balushenkov

Balushenkov was found guilty but in order to soften his sentence and leave prison sooner to spend time with his beloved family – wife Svetlana Inzkirvili (Balushenkova), 31, and their two unidentified sons – aged eight and five – he reportedly decided to give his former accomplice Smirenskiy up to the police.

Smirenskiy, who reportedly has a criminal record, is said to have got drunk with a friend, whose name is not known, and then decided to take revenge on his former accomplice.

Reports state that Smirenskiy went to Balushenkov’s residence, which he knew well and then allegedly killed the dog – a huge Central Asian Shepherd Dog, which had let Smirenskiy close and did not make any noise.

Newsflash/Svetlana Inzkirvili

Smirenskiy then allegedly went into the house before murdering his former friend’s wife by stabbing her with knife.

Her mother Tamara Inzkirvili, 66, reportedly heard the noise and walked to check what was going on before she was stabbed to death.

The two boys, who have not been named in reports but who were five and seven, were then killed as they were sleeping in their room.

Newsflash/Svetlana Inzkirvili

Local media report Smirenskiy is suspected to then have gone back home and continued drinking after the murders.

The family was found dead the next day after Svetlana did not show up and work.

Her colleagues from the Bubble Gum clothing store for children had been worried when Svetlana did not show up to work and did not pick up her phone.

When they went to the house they felt suspicious and called the cops, who discovered the bodies.

It did not take cops long to identify Smirenskiy as the prime suspect and they then surrounded the house he was staying in.

Smirenskiy did not open the door and reportedly tried to escape through the window before allegedly stabbing cop Aleksey Dyakonov in his shoulder when he stopped him.

Local media confirm that Smirenskiy has confessed to the murders without showing remorse.

It is unclear if he has been charged but reports state it is likely that he will spend his entire life in jail.

Balushenkov reportedly loved his wife greatly and wrote to her from prison saying: “Thanks to you I didn’t die in this rotten world and you gave me everything.

“Thank you, my sunshine, that even though I still get high on drugs and weird stuff, you gave me two sons, which I value most in life. I dedicate whatever is left from me in this weird world for them.”

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