Drone Cop Chases Off Fishermen In Virus Quarantine Zone

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This is the annoying Chinese drone cop who is successfully chasing away residents gathering to fish during the coronavirus outbreak by annoying them with her questions and bad luck wishes.

Hilarious footage released by authorities in Lishui District in the coastal city of Nanjing in East China shows Urban Management Bureau officer Cheng Jia shouting at residents through a speaker attached to a drone.

Ms Cheng, whose team is responsible for reminding residents to remain indoors when possible during the COVID-19 outbreak, was sent to Xinzhuang Park where some 20 people were seen fishing on the shores of the lake.


In the drone footage, Ms Cheng does her best to annoy the middle-aged and elderly fishermen.

Her hilarious phrases include: “All of the fish have been quarantined at home. Please do not lure them out.”

She then threatens to continue wishing them bad luck if they do not pack up their fishing gear and go home immediately.


Ms Cheng adds: “Use this time to study fishing theory at home, or hone your fishing skills in the bathtub.

“Go home and think – why can’t you catch any fish?

“Maybe your luring technique is poor? Or maybe your lures just aren’t pretty enough?”

In the video, Ms Cheng’s tactic appears to be largely successful as various fishermen put their rods away and leave the park.

Ms Cheng told local media: “Fishing is forbidden in the park anyway. There were also a lot of residents gathering nearby to watch.

“Especially with the more elderly fishermen, we need to be patient and use more humorous language when trying to dissuade them.

“Of course, we understand that after the snow, and after having been quarantined at home for a period of time, residents want to come out for a walk while it’s sunny.

“As long as they maintain a safe distance, strolling around is fine.”

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