Driver Unscathed After 4WD Barrel Rolls Down Hill

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a driver survives when his 4WD barrel rolls down a steep hill at high speed before landing on another vehicle during an amateur off-road event.

The frightening accident, in which his car rolled numerous times, reportedly happened during a failed hill climb.

Footage taken by witnesses in the city of Tongcheng in East China’s Anhui Province show the crash happening during an amateur off-road event which a few drivers took part in.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The driver’s 4WD engine is said to have failed him as he attempted to tackle the steep hills in the mountainous area.

After losing power, the car rolled backwards back down the hill and quickly careered off the side of the mountain.

His car can be seen rolling several dozen feet until it crashes to the bottom, with witnesses then rushing over to check on him.

Amazingly, the driver is said to have survived unscathed and did not require any medical treatment thanks to his seat belt.

His car, however, appears mangled and will require extensive repairs.

He was reportedly standing and chatting with other motorists in the aftermath of his lucky escape.

It is unclear whether local police are investigating the accident and the event.

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