Drifting Lorry Driver Wipes Out Motorway Signs

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a speeding lorry driver trying to reach a slip road skids on a motorway, slams into crash barriers and destroys a 1-tonne road sign all in one go.

The bungling semi-trailer lorry owner, surnamed Liu, now faces repair bills totalling in excess of 200,000 RMB (22,975 GBP).

Traffic camera footage from the Shanghai-Kunming Expressway shows Liu losing control of his lorry as he approaches the slip road over the city of Zhuzhou in Central China’s Hunan Province.

The heavy goods vehicle skids sideways as the cabin enters the slip road, but the empty trailer slams sideways into the crash barriers at the fork, destroying the obstacle and the road sign behind it.

The sign pointing to the driver’s intended destination – the nearby city of Liling – collapses onto the motorway, fortunately avoiding any vehicles as Liu continues driving up the slip road.

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Picture Credits: AsiaWire

Motorway police arrived to find the lorry cabin damaged and the 1-tonne road sign obstructing the road.

They have charged Liu with dangerous driving, and he will bear 100 percent of the liability for the repairs.

It means he will foot the 20,000 RMB (2,297 GBP) bill for his lorry as well as a further 185,000 RMB (21,252 GBP) for damage done to the state roads.

Liu, who was on his way to Liling to pick up a shipment of glass, admitted: “I was preparing to exit the motorway but was going a bit fast.”

He suffered no serious injuries thanks to his seat belt.