Dr: Only Safe Way To Eat Ice Cream Is While Drinking Tea

Story By: Sergiu NazaruSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash

This top Russian doctor has warned ice cream lovers that the only safe way to enjoy their favourite summer snack is with a piping hot cup of tea amid fears the treat can trigger disease.

Russian doctor Vladimir Zaitsev, 44, who is the head of an Otorhinolaryngology clinic in Moscow has said ice cream “should be treated as a rather dangerous product” and warned against eating it twice per week at most as the summer season hits.

He said: “You can’t eat ice cream every day for sure. The norm for an adult is two ice creams a week, taking into the account that we are not in a hot climate.


“Ice cream can provoke inflammation of the back wall of the pharynx, pharyngitis; an outbreak of sore throat. If the patient suffers from chronic tonsillitis the tonsils can also become inflamed, and this can provoke its exacerbation.”

He said that ice cream can also cause laryngitis, inflammation of the oropharynx and rhinosinusitis in some cases, adding: “Ice cream should be treated as a rather dangerous product.”

Zaitsev, who has 19 years experience, recommends drinking hot tea when eating ice cream to minimise the risks, saying: “The combination of cold ice cream and a sip of hot tea is like a contrast shower for the human body. This will prevent sore throats.”


According to the doctor, children should only be given ice cream from the age of four, and preferably half of the standard portion. He said: “Up to this age, the child still has adenoids in bloom, they are in the formative stage. If we smooth the tonsils and adenoid tissue, it will be bad.”

He also recommended those with a sweet tooth use willpower to eat ice creams slowly to prevent brain freeze.

According to Russian media, an adult can eat a maximum of two servings of ice cream per week. The abuse of this delicacy can reportedly provoke pharyngitis, sore throat, laryngitis, rhinosinusitis and a number of other diseases.

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