DOUBLE TROUBLE: Two Avalanches Hit Popular French Ski Resort At Same Time

This is the terrifying moment two avalanches hit the slopes of a popular ski resort in France at the same time.

The snowslips were caught on camera as they crashed down the mountainside in Tignes, in the Alps, on 15th March.

The images were filmed by Swedish freestyle skier Jesper Tjaeder, who was in Tignes for the Mountain Shaker winter sports festival.

He was on a chair lift with friends at the time of the double avalanche, which he recorded from above.

His footage shows how skiers raced down the slopes with the sliding powder hot on their tails.

Frederic Bonnevie, the head of the pistes service at Tignes, said of the snowslips: “They did not threaten property or people.

“These two avalanches were triggered naturally. It’s impressive because the snow spray rises high, but there’s no risk.

“Moreover, there’s a big bump just before the slope where the modules are located.”

No injuries were reported.

Tignes is known for the highest skiable area and the longest ski season in Europe.

In the winter season of 2019-2020, British visitors accounted for around 10 per cent of the total number of visitors to the resort, according to the local tourist board.