Dogs Owners DIY Sterilisation Op On Dog Using Metal Wire

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

This shocking footage shows a female dog’s genitals after her cruel owner carried out a DIY sterilisation by using metal wire to sew up her private parts so she could not breed with another dog, and would not get pregnant.

The abused dog, which goes by the name Maya, was found in the village of Gibraltar in the municipality of Toledo located in the Colombian department of Norte Santander.

She was rescued by animal rights NGO ‘Logico & Zoo’ who also shared images of Maya’s gruesome injuries on social media on 1st February.


The video shows Maya lying on the ground as her genitals appear severely swollen after being stitched with thick metal wire.

Some pictures also show Maya recovering after the wire was removed.

Local media said that Logico & Zoo believes the people responsible were the owners who did the gruesome act to make sure Maya did not give birth to any puppies.


The NGO said they want to see those responsible for the act “strictly sanctioned”.

Logico & Zoo added that Maya is carrying out her recovery at a home and was expected to go through some clinical tests on 2nd February, however, there have been no further reports on her status.

The Special Group for the Fight Against Animal Abuse (GELMA) have stated they are also looking into the incident.

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