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Faceless Mutant Puppy Born With Two Tongues And No Eyes Or Nose

A mutant puppy born with two tongues and no eyes, nose or ears has died several minutes after being born in Brazil.

The unusual case of genetic malformation took place in the city of Parnaiba in the Brazilian state of Piaui on 28th June.

The puppy, born without eyes, nose or ears, died a few minutes after its mother delivered it into the world.

According to veterinary medicine professor and neonatology specialist Tania Cavalcante, this type of malformation is extremely rare and is probably associated with genetic anomalies.

The animals’ owner, Bruno Souza, 22, told the news site G1 that the puppy was born about two hours after its three other siblings which are healthy and have no anomalies.

He said: “My mother came home after work at around 10am and she couldn’t find our dog. Then she saw that she [the dog] had dug a hole and delivered three female puppies.”

Dog was born without eyes, without nose and with two tongues in Piaui in Brazil, in July 2021. ( Bruno Souza/Newsflash)

Bruno continued: “When I got home at noon, the dog was lying in the living room and I noticed something coming out of her. I realised it was another puppy and I rushed to film it, I had never seen a puppy’s birth before. However, when the small one started to come out, I saw something different.”

Professor Tania Cavalcante, who received photos of the faceless puppy to evaluate them, said a similar case was registered in the Philippines in February 2021.

Cavalcante said: “Usually genetic mutations, chromosomal abnormalities and prenatal care can cause these malformations.”

The professor also said that the there is a possibility “it was caused by the presence of toxins which affect brain development even in intrauterine life”.

Bruno revealed that the puppy had difficulty breathing and died shortly after it was born.

He added the situation deeply affected him and his mother: “I was scared and shaken. My mother, who is very fond of dogs, cried. I wish I could have done something to save its life.”