Cute Dog Killed Protecting Owners Daughter, Aged 8, From Savage Pit Bull Attack

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorJames King, Agency: Newsflash

This cute dog has died after bravely saving an eight-year-old girl from a savage pit bull attack.

The female Shih Tzu, named Lilica, died after protecting her owner’s daughter from being attacked by the pit bull in the Brazilian municipality of Bauru on 17th May.

Thaynara Milano was with her daughter, Larah, and her two dogs, mother dog Lilica and her daughter Bola, outside their home when the attack took place on the afternoon of 16th May.

Thaynara who is a psychologist told news site G1: “It all happened very quickly. The neighbour’s pit bull simply opened the gate and went for Larah.

“Because of that, Lilica got scared and went in front of her. It was then that he grabbed Lilica and did not let her go.”

A distressed Thaynara took her daughter inside their house and shouted for help while looking for an object she could use to separate the dogs.

She told G1: “Bola jumped on top of him, bit him, barked, scrapped, and he did not let go of her. My reaction was despair.

The shih-tzu dog named Lilica that died on 17 May 2021 in Bauru, Sao Paulo in Brazil, while prevening a pitbull from attacking 8-year old girl. ( Thaynara Milano/Newsflash)

“I grabbed Larah to go inside the house, I shouted for my father, who was in the living room watching a game.”

After hearing the psychologist’s shouts, Thaynara’s neighbours went out onto the street to try to help, but in vain.

The pit bull only let go of the shih tzu when a neighbour sat on top of him and grabbed him by the neck.

According to the psychologist, the torture lasted for five minutes before the pit bull released Lilica and ran back inside his owner’s house.

She said: “Lilica was heavily wounded. My father took her, wrapped her in a towel and put her in the car. A neighbour called a vet and said she was expecting us.

Psychologist Thaynara Milano(left), with the shih-tzu dog named Lilika that died on 17 May 2021 in Bauru, Sao Paulo in Brazil, while prevening a pitbull from attacking 8-year old Larah(right), on a photo with the whole family ( Thaynara Milano/Newsflash)

“I was so nervous… When she got there, the vet was clear, saying her condition was serious and she needed to stitch up the wounds.

“But Lilica’s vital signs were very weak and it was not possible to sedate her at the time. She spent the night there.”

Thaynara said her pet had shown an improvement the following day and it was possible to do the stitches. However, Lilica suffered a cardiac arrest in the early afternoon and passed away.

She was six years old.

Thaynara told G1: “Had it been Larah, I do not know what I would have done. The pit bull went towards her, Lilica saved my daughter. Larah is very upset with the whole situation.”

The psychologist has since filed a police report against the pit bull’s owner, who was not present at the time of the attack.

She said: “He came to the vet to help, totally devastated, he cried and asked for forgiveness. He said he would pay all the expenses and said he was very sorry.

“He told us he went out to work and slammed the gate, but did not lock it. And that he always does that, and nothing had ever happened.”

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