Dog That Bit Off Mans Toe When He Tried To Kick It For Begging For Pizza Faces Being Put Down

The dog that bit off and swallowed a man’s big toe after he tried to kick it for begging for a slice of pizza faces being put down.

The victim, Steve S., whose full surname was not reported due to strict local privacy laws, was left hospitalised with heavy bandaging around his foot following the bite from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The 28-year-old waiter had been staying with his friends Daniela K., 32, and Mike, 34, at the couple’s flat in the German capital Berlin over the festive period.

The man, 28, was bitten by a dog, being taken away by rescue workers, in Berlin, Germany, on 27th December. (Newsflash)

Also staying with the couple was the pet dog Buma, 7, whose owner had entrusted it to Daniela so she could temporarily take care of it.

At dinnertime last Monday (27th December), Buma approached the table in the hope of securing some of the mushroom pizza that Steve was scoffing.

However, Steve wanted to enjoy his meal in peace, and Daniela was quoted in the German daily Bild as saying: “Steve grabbed the dog from behind and pulled him away.”

Hellersdorf, where a man, 28, was bitten by a dog, in Berlin, Germany, on 27th December. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

Enraged at Steve’s actions, Buma bit him in the face.

Steve rushed to the bathroom, where he saw blood coming from his cheek. He then decided to enact revenge.

Steve stormed onto the balcony, where Buma had gone, and, in his socks, he kicked the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Hellersdorf, where a man, 28, was bitten by a dog, in Berlin, Germany, on 27th December. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

However, Buma caught Steve’s foot in its mouth, and it bit his big toe with such force that it ripped it clean off, and swallowed it whole.

Steve was whisked to A&E, with an unnamed hospital spokeswoman quoted in Bild as saying: “The toe could not be found. The bone was amputated and sewn shut.”

Steve then had to undergo another operation on Thursday.

The injury of Steve S., 28, after the first operation, he was bitten by a dog, in Berlin, Germany, on 27th December. (Newsflash)

His friend Daniela was quoted in Bild as saying: “It took me a day to clean the blood from the apartment. I think it’s Steve’s own fault. Buma is an animal that needs to be cuddled. The policemen who came then played with him. He’s not aggressive.”

An unnamed neighbour also had little sympathy for the man, and was quoted as saying: “It’s your own fault, you don’t kick a dog.”

Buma was taken to an animal centre by the police, and a vet is set to assess its fate tomorrow (Tuesday, 4th January).

Buma, 7, bit a man, 28, in Berlin, Germany, on 27th December. (Newsflash)

It is possible that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier could be assigned a new, qualified owner. However, it may be put down, which is the less costly option.

Its current owner may also be charged by the police, as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a fighting breed, and, as such, must always be under its licensed owner’s care.

Passing it into the care of someone else constitutes a crime.