Dog Chokes To Death On Lead After Campervan Window Jump

Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


This was the scene after a dog choked to death on its lead after it jumped from the open window of a campervan while its owners were away on a bike ride.

Police are investigating after being tipped off by local resident Viktorija Valjak who came across the shocking scene in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb.

The campervan, which had French number plates, was parked under a bridge in the city and the owners had left their dogs while they went for a bicycle ride.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@viktorija.valjak.7

It is believed one of the dogs had been tied inside the vehicle but had jumped out of the window and choked on its lead.

People fishing in the river nearby had reportedly heard whimpering but did not realise it was so serious and did not bother to investigate.

Ms Valjak took pictures of the tragic scene and shared them on Twitter with the comment: “I’m in shock!! A dog strangled hanging under the Mladosti Bridge in Zagreb!

Pictures Credit: CEN/@viktorija.valjak.7

“I called the police about to come… Here under the bridge people fishing and pass without anyone reacting? Dogs don’t have water… I’m disgusted.”

Police visited the scene to question the owners of the dog who were reportedly grief stricken when they returned to discover the dog was dead.

It is not yet clear whether the couple, whose names have not been released, will face charges. The case has shocked animal lovers who vented their anger online.

Netizen ‘Anamarija Dominikovic Sabic’ said: “Really sad… but it’s the owner’s fault! To tie a dog in a van? With a window open… negligence.”

However ‘Gabriella Lettis’ said: “I think there is not a bigger punishment than the pain and guilt for the dead pet.”

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