Doctor Jailed For Spying On Flatmate In Shower And Ejaculating In Her Meals

An Indonesia doctor has been jailed for six months for spying on his flatmate in the shower and ejaculating in her food.

The doctor, named as Doddy Prasetyo, was sentenced at the Semarang District Court in the Indonesian province of Central Java on the morning of 26th January.

The doctor was convicted of violating Article 281 of the Criminal Code on immorality.

The incident took place in a shared accommodation used by the woman and her doctor husband and the defendant in the city of Semarang in the province of Central Java some 440 kilometres east of the capital Jakarta.

Prasetyo, who worked at the same hospital as the victim and his wife, lived with the couple to cut costs.

After setting up hidden cameras and filming the acts, the wife filed a complaint with the police and was represented by the Central Java Legal Resources Center for Gender Equality and Human Rights (LRC-KJHAM).

Nia Lishayati, who works for the organisation, told reporters: “The victim initially suspected that there was a cat or a mouse in the house.”

The spokesperson said that as a result she set up hidden cameras and before long she had video footage allegedly showing the doctor sneaking a peek at her while she was in the shower, before masturbating and ejaculating onto the couple’s meals.

Lishayati said: “You can imagine the effect on the victim and her husband, who ate food mixed with semen over a long period of time. This has traumatised the victim.”

The doctor reportedly has a wife and children, but they live in another city. It has been claimed that he first ejaculated into his housemates’ food in October 2020, but it is unknown how many times this occurred before he was caught.

LRC-KJHAM is reportedly planning to appeal the sentence as they feel “dissatisfied” with the jail term.

Lishayati said: “We appreciate the judge’s decision, but we’re not satisfied because the maximum punishment for violation of Article 281 of KUHP is two years and eight months in prison.”