Doc Who Died In Snowstorm After Hanging Lethal IV Drip From Tree Said He Wished He Had Learned To Photograph Snowflakes

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A respected doctor who hung an IV drip containing a lethal drugs cocktail from a tree and then lay down in a snowstorm to die has written a suicide note saying he wished he had learned how to photograph snowflakes.

The body of troubled Mustafa Yalcin was found when a search party looking for him after he set off skiing noticed the bizarre sight of the IV trip hanging from the tree with the tubes leading down into the snow.

He then realised there was a body underneath it, and raised the alarm.


The incident took place on Uludag Mountain in the north-western Turkish city of Bursa on 16th February.

On the body, there was a six-page suicide note in which among other things he mentioned the fact that one of his regrets was never being able to photograph a snowflake.

He said: “I didn’t do well with snowflake photography. I wanted to be a great snowflake photographer.”


He also spoke about the difficulty of going on day to day, saying that the only thing that kept him going was the love for his girlfriend.

He said that he felt like such a failure despite his position as a respected doctor, he had not even accomplished 10% of what he hoped to.

As well as photographing snowflakes he had also wanted to catalogue birds, learn to play an instrument especially the piano, and travel to visit some of the great museums of the world. He wanted to visit the memorials of the scientists that he learned to respect during his studies, and create a YouTube channel.


He added: “My dear Ozge… I apologize for my seemingly unreasonable death. I want you to forgive me. I really loved you so much. I know that you tried to keep me away from this path and I promised you that I would not kill myself, but in the end, I could not keep my promise.

“Do not blame anyone for my death. The time I spent with you was one of my few joys. I am aware that I will cause pain to you, and to my family and my colleagues. But I especially apologize to you. My beloved. You are the only thing that kept me to life for so many more years than I imagined.

“My dear Ozge, get rid of my stuff. I don’t want you to dwell on me, to waste time thinking about me okay? I want to be forgotten. Do not keep photos or items to remind you of me.


“I tried to plan everything to make it easier, I fed the cat and the fish before I left home. And I watered the flowers as well. One of the last things I did after that, was to look at our photographs together. I slept very little last night, thinking that tomorrow I will close my eyes for the eternal sleep.”

The Dr and his girlfriend both worked in the Uludag University Medical Hospital where Mustafa was the chief assistant doctor in the cardiovascular surgery department.

He said that as the end approached, he had even lost the will to write the note that he always thought he would but had found the strength and thoughts of his loved ones who did not want to be blamed over his death.


He wrote: “I always thought that I would least do a decent farewell note, but at the moment of death approaches, I don’t even feel the energy to do that. I feel like I could leave this world without a word, but had to write a statement because I don’t want those that I love to be accused or blamed of my death. That’s the only reason I found the strength to write this.”

Regarding Yalcin’s death, Uludag University Rector Professor Dr Ahmet Saim Kilavuz made a statement on his social media account.

In his statement, the Rector Kilavuz said: “The loss of our colleague Dr Mustafa Yalcin, who had a promising future for our institution, is investigated in all details by the prosecution. As a university, we follow the process with precision. Announced to the public.”


Police said that Mustafa died from a drug overdose before his body froze in the snowstorm, however, the autopsy results have not yet been announced.

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