Debate Over Blame As Woman Driver And Biker Crash

Story By: Anna CasapEditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@proneftekamsk

This is the moment a panicked young woman gets out of her car and runs over to check the lifeless body of a biker who crashed into the side of the vehicle.

The accident happened at the Komsomolsky Avenue in the city of Neftekamsk, located in the north-western part of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@proneftekamsk

Russian drivers are encouraged to have dashboard cameras in order to speedily settle any insurance claims in the event of an accident, and in this case the camera recorded the moment the driver is heading through the city and then suddenly decides to turn right into a parking space.

It is unclear whether she had her blinker on, but either way she is then hit by a biker whose machine disintegrates as he flies over the top of the bonnet and skids down the road, coming to a stop in a lifeless heap.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@proneftekamsk

Seconds later the young woman who was driving gets out and runs over to check on the biker several metres in front of her vehicle just as the footage ends.

The video caused heated debate on social media networks over who was to blame.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@proneftekamsk

Some say that the car driver should have also looked to the right before starting to pull in, while others claim that the biker was clearly at fault.

Netizen ‘A Sa’ commented: “It’s not a car that hit a motorcyclist, but a motorcyclist drove into a car” while another netizen ‘kerrang inrock’ added: “I think the woman is the guilty party in this accident, she did not look before turning”.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@proneftekamsk

The biker’s condition is currently unclear. No statement from the police has been reported and it is unclear if any fines have been issued or arrests made.

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