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Deadly Radioactive Polonium Plot Foiled In Malta

Story ByLee Bullen, Sub EditorJoseph Golder, AgencyNewsflash

A man is facing trial for trying to import the same radioactive material that was used to kill Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006 into the Republic of Malta to poison an alleged target.

Jomic Calleja, a 34-year old resident from the city of Zebbug in southern Malta, was arrested in March during an anti-terrorist swoop.

According to local media, anti-terrorist agents were tipped-off by an oversees secret service agency that unnamed individuals were trying to buy Polonium-210, Ricin and Fentaynl on the dark web,


Reports said that the suspect was planning to administer lethal doses to a person 165 to 175 centimetres tall weighing between 55 and 65 kilogrammes, based on intercepted communications between the buyer and the seller from June 2019.

The alleged target has still not been identified.

The suspect was allegedly trying to buy five doses of Polonium-210, which can kill victims within two weeks when administered with food or drink.


The radioactive material was used to kill former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in London back in 2006.

Calleja is accused of trying to illegally import lethal poison and explosives from a US seller on the dark web.

His defence lawyer Benjamin Valenzia told the court that the defendant is willing to hand over passwords and other information related to the computers and equipment seized by the cops during the investigation.


However, prosecutors pointed out that Calleja had refused to cooperate with the authorities earlier on, stating that he would not “hand over anything” to the police.

Calleja’s lawyer asked for bail for his client, however the request was reportedly refused by the court because the investigation is still ongoing and “the intended target had not yet been identified.”

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