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Deadly Mutant Two-Headed Cobra Found In India

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN

This is the mutant two-headed venomous snake which has been found in India.

The snake, reportedly a monocled cobra (Naja kaouthia) was found in the village of Ekarukhi in the area of the Belda forest in the north-eastern Indian state of West Bengal.

A herpetologist at the local Forest Department named Kaustav Chakraborty told reporters that a team from the department had been unable to rescue the two-headed snake.

He said that the local villagers hold “mythical beliefs” about the two heads and so refused to give the animal to the team. The beliefs were not specified.

He added that the two heads was a “biological issue” similar to a human “having two heads or thumbs”.

Picture Credit: CEN

Chakraboty said that keeping the snake in captivity with experts could help its lifespan.

Local zoologist Soma Chakraborty said the snake as a monocled cobra and said the two heads may have been created when the embryo was split or because of environmental factors.

Netizen ‘N R. Dhanesh’ wrote: “Mutation only.”

Monocled cobras range from India in the west through to China, Vietnam and Cambodia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, and Thailand. It causes the highest fatality due to snake venom poisoning in Thailand and some populations have the ability to spit their venom.

Picture Credit: CEN

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