Daredevil Couple Perform Top Gun Air Stunts At Wedding

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Video Credit: CEN/Fernando D´Angelo

This is the adrenaline-fuelled moment a bride and groom perform ‘Top Gun’-style aerobatics in their own aeroplanes before touching down to tie the knot in a hangar.

According to local media, 44-year-old lawyer Roberto Buonocore and 43-year-old doctor Mariana Lopez tied the knot at the venue Aeroclub Mar del Plata in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

In the video footage, they are even seen flying close to each other while upside down like in the 1986 fighter pilot film ‘Top Gun’.

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Pictures Credit:
CEN/Gonzalo Tacchini Fotografia & CEN/@cuervorober & CEN/@mariana.lopez.50767 & CEN/Fernando D´Angelo

The happy couple, who are both licensed pilots and like to attend aerobatic events, met many years ago but only recently decided to get married.

Due to their passion for aerobatics, they wanted to jump in their own planes and take to the skies to wow the wedding guests with loop-the-loops and other fancy tricks.

According to reports, Roberto was flying a Yakovlev Yak-55 and Maria zoomed around as a co-pilot in an Extra 330 LC piloted by their friend Sergio Marinas.

Meanwhile, a wedding singer crooned away on ground level for the 300 guests.

They wanted to perform the flight at twilight, but had to take off earlier due to expected rain.

Mariana said “It was the best flight of my life. Despite the weather, I enjoyed it a lot. It was amazing seeing everyone waiting down there.”

The couple then enjoyed a full ceremony in the hangar and the bride called the event “a dream wedding”.

A fireworks display followed the ceremony, before the rain put a dampener on things and they had to move to a different location.

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