Dani Alves Picks Up Cow Pat In Bizarre Video

Story By: Alex Cope Sub-Editor: Lee Bullen, Agency: Golder’s News & Sport Ltd.

Video Credit: Golders/@danialves

This is the moment Paris Saint-Germain defender Dani Alves records himself holding a dry cow pat and gives a bizarre reflection on dung.

The Brazilian international is currently in his homeland as he takes a break over the Christmas period and he posted the bizarre video to his 22 million online followers.

Picture Credit: Golders/@danialves

In the video, a topless Alves can be seen stood in the countryside holding a dried cow pat and he says: “A little stop for reflection. Guys, I am here running through the countryside. Do you know what this is? I am going to tell you, this is a cow manure. Modernly speaking, for us it is dung.

The 35-year-old is reportedly in his home state of Bahia as he relaxes before Paris Saint-Germain’s return on 6th January against Stade Pontivy in the French Cup.

The video has received over 856,000 likes one day and netizens were surprised at the bizarre post.

User ‘lindsaycrf’ commented: “Guys I am speechless.”

And ‘taavinhobai’ added: “His humility is not common.”

But ‘belal221110’ wrote: “What’s wrong with this guy?”

Alves has struggled for game time this season as he recovers from the cruciate ligament injury which kept him out of the 2018 World Cup.

Picture Credit: Golders/@danialves

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