DANCING WITH JOY: Young Cancer Patient’s Final Chemo Celebration

This is the heartwarming moment when a nurse, a young cancer patient, and her mum perform a TikTok dance routine to celebrate her final chemo session.

Paediatric nurse Daniel Yolan, six-year-old Milena, and her mum grin widely as they dance along to ‘La Gran Fiesta’ by Latin music star Olga Tanon.

And Daniel, 46, can be seen putting Milena through a series of spins and twirls in the clip.

They performed the routine at the Fundacion Hospitalaria children’s hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where Milena has been undergoing cancer treatment.

Daniel became good friends with Milena and her mother during the treatment sessions.

Photo shows Milena, with her mother, undated. She danced with her mother and a male nurse in celebration of her last chemotherapy. (@aldisalealdi/CEN)

The three decided to record the dance routine to celebrate the end of her chemotherapy.

The nurse told Argentine media: “Since we first saw each other there has been a special connection between us.

“We have gone through hard times with her parents, but the strength that this girl has given to everything deserved a celebration.”

Daniel revealed that Milena had never made a video for TikTok before but she did not hesitate to do so.

He said: “It was a wonderful moment I will remember forever. After so much time together we are family. Milena is a very strong girl.”

Netizen Silvana Castillo wrote online: “Beautiful Milu, you are a warrior, your happiness is ours, let’s celebrate!”

Photo shows Daniel Yolan (middle), a pediatric nurse from Buenos Aires, Argentina, undated. He danced in celebration of the last chemotherapy for his six-year-old patient Milena. (@danielyolan/CEN)

More than 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide each year.