Dad Starves 2yo Stepson To Death And Hushes Up Mum

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This 28-year-old father has been arrested for allegedly starving his stepson to death and forcing his family – including the child’s mum – not to tell cops after he buried the tot.

The alleged murder took place in August in the neighbourhood of Matheu in the Escobar Partido in Greater Buenos Aires in north-eastern Argentina.

Picture Credit: CEN

According to local media, Hector Esteban Montero, 28, allegedly starved his two-year-old stepson Gaston Rodriguez to death and told his partner Tatiana Pascarelli, the mother of the child, he was going to burn the body.

When the mother of the child asked him not to burn the body he reportedly forced his 14-year-old son, named in reports as R., to help him to bury the murdered child in a field close to the family house.

Reports said that R. found his two-year-old brother dead on the floor while his mother and his step-father were discussing what to do with the body in front of his other 11-year-old brother. It is unclear if the 11-year-old is Montero’s biological son.

Picture Credit: CEN

Pascarelli was reportedly pregnant when the child was murdered and according to the 14-year-old son’s testimony, she did not participate in the murder.

The alleged murderer was reportedly arrested this Friday after R. broke down and confessed the crime to a woman named Roxana, the owner of a delicatessen in the neighbourhood.

Roxana told local media: “I saw him looking appalling, like sad. He was bad. I invited him in. I asked him what the matter was and he told me that if he did not take money to the house he would be beaten.”

Picture Credit: CEN

Roxana also added: “Then he burst into tears and he told me his stepfather had killed his brother and he had buried him in a field. I could not believe what I was hearing”

A few hours later the boy reportedly told local authorities about the murder and said: “My stepfather killed my brother after he starved him. I arrived five minutes after he died. He had a wound on his lips but he died because he was starving. It happened on the 17th of August.”

Montero was reportedly arrested and charged for the murder this Friday while the mother was not arrested because she is believed to have been threatened by her partner.

Both children were separated from their mother and are now under the custody of the local authorities.

The investigation is ongoing while local authorities are waiting for the results of the autopsy of the child’s body to determine the cause of death. No motive has been provided for the crime.

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