Dad Seized At Baby Daughter’s Funeral After Coroner Finds She Was Brutally Abused

Police in Brazil seized a dad at his newborn daughter’s funeral after an autopsy revealed she had been raped to death.

Picture shows the suspect, undated. The father of the 27-day-old newborn that died after being raped was arrested for rape of vulnerable qualified by the result in death at her funeral in Cabo Frio, Brazil, on Saturday, Feb. 11, 2023. (Policia Civil/Newsflash)

The 27-day-old infant died after being sexually abused in the municipality of Araruama in Rio de Janeiro State, according to coroners.

Civil Police said: “The investigation by the Institute of Forensic Medicine confirmed that the victim was killed due to penetration of the newborn’s private areas, which caused a large laceration to the child’s delicate body.”

Civil Police identified the infant’s father as the prime suspect.

Officers arrested him at the newborn’s funeral in the municipality of Cabo Frio in Rio de Janeiro State on 11th February.

He is accused of statutory rape resulting in death.

Investigators say the attack happened on the night of 9th February.

Police said: “At the time, only he and his partner were in the property.

“According to what he recounted at the police station, during the night, his daughter would have felt ill, and he would have gone to calm her.

“However, on Friday morning, the newborn would have been found dead.”

The lifeless body was taken to hospital, where medical staff became suspicious and called Civil Police.

The suspect’s partner – who is the late girl’s mother – also gave a statement to police.

The suspect – whose name is being withheld but who is 23 years old – has been remanded in custody in the municipality of Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro State and is still protesting his innocence.