Dad Offers 300 Pigs To The Man Who Marries His Daughter

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire

A Chinese father has promised a minimum of 300 pigs to the man who marries his beautiful daughter who is seen in these images.

Zhang Zhiyuan is a pretty 24-year-old university graduate who tends to 2,000 black pigs at her family’s piggery in the eastern Chinese region of Henan.

Due to the escalating prices of pigs in the country, young Zhiyuan is considered a highly desirable woman with lots of prospects. African swine flu killed many pigs, and many have been culled, with those isolated from the disease now a rare and expensive commodity.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

During the week, the pretty university graduate sells pork in the mornings at market before cleaning the sties and feeding the animals at the piggery.

Her workload has increased due to the increasing high demand for pork at the moment, and Zhiyuan explained: “People think raising pigs is not a good job and it is such a simple thing to do, but I don’t agree with them.

“In truth, it is not and I have been applying the things that I learned in university with this job.”

She said that her family is reluctant to let her work at the piggery because she is a university graduate and they hope that she will move to the city to work in a well-paid job.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

However, she insists that her parents and siblings need the help and wants to share the burden.

To help with her future, Zhiyuan’s dad is reportedly offering a minimum of 300 pigs as a dowry to the suitable suitor who marries her.

When asked what she would like in a future husband, Zhiyuan said she does not have high expectations, but the ideal man would at least be able to life the weight of half a pig.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

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