Dad Lands On Head After Falling From Lorry Driven By Son

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This is the moment a dad hits the tarmac headfirst after he plunges off the top of a badly overloaded lorry driven by his 13-year-old son.

The incident happened in a scrapyard in the Osmangazi district of Bursa province in north-western Turkey. 

The victim, who is in a red top, was identified only as Kutluay G. and is seen standing on top of the lorry driven by his schoolboy son, 13-year-old Mikail G. 

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The father is there to make sure the cargo does not fall off as his son drives onto the weighing ramp to check the value of the cargo they are bringing in. After being weighed, the pair would have been paid for the value of the load.

But after the vehicle had been weighed and the son started to drive away, part of the cargo started to fall onto the ground and when he tried to prevent this, Kutluay G. lost his balance and fell off the lorry.

As the footage shows, he is still hanging onto the cargo when he lands on his head on the road.

People who were standing nearby then rushed over to see him lying on the ground in a puddle of blood, and an ambulance was quickly called which took him to hospital where he is now in intensive care and fighting for his life.

Ferhat Yurtseven, a local who was present at the time, said: “We told him to get off the scale, but he said to us that he will be on top of the load, to hold one of the sacks in order to prevent it from falling off.

“I saw him laying on the ground covered in blood. He was conscious on the scene, he was saying ‘I’m fine, help me stand up.’ Then the ambulance came and took him to hospital.”

The tragic incident was captured by local security camera and police started an investigation which included questioning the schoolboy.

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