Cute Seal Enjoying Snooze By The Pool Goes Viral

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@aguhiyori

This adorable video of a cute seal enjoying a snooze at an animal sanctuary swimming pool has gone viral with over 2.3 million views in two days.

The clip was filmed at Seal Sea Paradise in the city of Monbetsu in the northern Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido and shared on Twitter by netizen ‘Aguhiyori’.

The clip has amassed 2.32 million views in only two days and shows a snoozing seal floating on its belly in a pool at the sanctuary.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire & AsiaWire/@1220Kama & AsiaWire/@kamosuke

According to local media, the spotted seal (Phoca largha) is called Agu and is 31 years old (late-80s in ‘seal years’).

Sanctuary workers said that visitors always ask them how seals sleep so they decided to film the senior seal enjoying an afternoon nap.

Staff also said that Agu sleeps underwater as well because seals can store enough oxygen in their blood to submerge for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@OKAYU284

Netizens shared the viral clip on social media while some posted snoozing-seal footage of their own.

One video posted by ‘OkayU284’ and seen 55,000 times on Twitter shows an adorable seal asleep in a pool while appearing to be standing on the bottom.

The netizen said: “So cute! I noticed this impressive sleeping style at Asahiyama Zoo. This was adorable as well!”

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