Cute Puppy Causes Chaos At Gloomy Easter Cross Parade

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@PatitasDeAmoor

This is the moment an adorable puppy injects fun into a gloomy Easter after the pooch starts frollicing with mock soldiers whipping a man dressed as Jesus carrying a cross.

The heartwarming incident reportedly occurred during the Via Crucis religious parade in the city of Monterrey, in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon during Holy Week celebrations.

In the video, an actor playing Jesus Christ carrying the cross can be seen walking with two other actors playing Roman soldiers.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/@PatitasDeAmoor

The soldiers begin whipping ‘Jesus’ but a white dog sees what is happening and jumps to join in, leaping up at the mock soldiers with its tail wagging.

The playful pooch continues jumping up at the soldiers until they stop whipping ‘Jesus’ and the pooch then stands in line as the parade prepares to move onto its next stage. 

The video was shared by local Facebook page ‘Patitas de amor’ and has received over 700,000 views.

Social media users loved the clip, with Valentina Cuello’ commenting: “It is not defending him because he is Jesus Christ or another important person, it is defending him because it believes he is suffering and that is exactly what loyal dogs do, no matter who you are, they only want to love.”

And ‘Jack Evelin Mares’ commented: “It even does not know who this man is and it is risking its life to defend him, human beings do not deserve all this love.”

While ‘Tonny Salmeron’ added: “The dog is playing around. Do not be idiots. I am sure a lot of people would say it is a miracle but it is not.”