Cute Mummy Pooch Carrys Adorable Baby Monkey On Back

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This heartwarming clip shows an adorable baby monkey sitting on a mummy dog’s back as the apparent new mum appears to adopt it as her own.

In the footage, the cute baby monkey can be seen munching on some tasty grub while playfully perched atop the adorable black female pooch.

In the video, the monkey falls off her back and can be seen crawling adorably around on the ground after his apparent mum.

Seconds later, he jumps back on board as his adopted mum takes the new passenger in her stride as they set off once more together.

The female dog can be seen wagging its tale in an apparent display of contentment during the clip.


In the video, the dog can be seen with enlarged nipples which suggest that she is a new mum currently nursing her litter.

However, it is unclear if she is nursing the baby monkey in the same fashion.

The adorable clip tugged on the heartstrings of netizens.

Twitter user ‘Mahesh Naik’ who shared the clip, posted: “Good morning all. Affection is a language that everybody can understand.

The clip has been shared widely in Indian local media over the past 24 hours although it is presently unclear where exactly it was filmed.

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