Cute Kids Perform Adorable Latin Dance Routine

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Video Credit: CEN/Escuela Primaria Resurgimiento

This is the viral moment a group of adorable Mexican school children dance to a Latin rhythm in a clip which has received over 1.7 million views online.

The video was recorded in a P.E. lesson given by teacher Diego A. Cortez at the Resurgimiento Primary School, in the municipality of Reyes Etla, in the south-western Mexican state of Oaxaca and has since gone viral on social media.

In the video, the youngsters can be seen in pairs to Cumbia, a style of music which is believed to have originated in Colombia and Panama and has since become part of Mexican tradition.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Escuela Primaria Resurgimiento

Teacher Cortes can be heard saying: “Ready to turn around, I will let you know, and here we go, now, hug, and out.”

The P.E.teacher decided to teach Latin Rhythms workshops to help the students develop their motor skills.

The video was posted online with the caption: “This is the result of great effort and dedication from Physical Education teacher Diego A. Cortez, working on the Latin Rhythms workshops, with the goal of developing students’ motor skills. Thanks for the support for these kids.”

Netizens loved the video with one writing: “This opens more opportunities in life than playing the flute.”

And another added: “Teaching them to dance the cumbia is useful, so when they are old they know how to give a dance to a cousin and they are not in the corner sitting and watching how everybody else is dancing because they do not know how.”

Another wrote: “Wow, cool to see this kind of video, it made my day. Congratulations to the teacher, without doubt, his work and enthusiasm for doing things count a lot, even teaching them how to dance”.

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