Cute Dog Returns Home With Kitchen Knife Stuck In Back

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This adorable black dog is fighting for its life after walking home to its owners with a kitchen knife sticking out of its back.

The shocking incident took place in Villa Totoral in the north-central Argentine province of Cordoba when the 18-month-old dog named Jack arrived home after being let out for a walk.

According to reports, the dog wandered over to the nearby home of its owner’s relative, as it did most days.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

However, Jack was reportedly stabbed in the back by someone on the way home.

According to local residents, the dog is well known in the area and is said to be very popular with children.

When Jack arrived home with the knife sticking in its back, its owner Fabian Soria rushed the dog to a veterinary clinic for urgent treatment.

Sadly, the poor pooch’s liver was punctured and it is currently fighting for its life, according to reports.

Soria reported the alleged stabbing to the police who have confirmed that they are investigating the matter.

However, it is currently unknown who attacked Jack.

Netizen ‘Maria Laura Lopez’ commented: “As this is far from the only case, I think anyone torturing animals like this deserves a stiff prison term like they get in the United States.”

Ana Lacasa

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