Customer Buys iPhone With Thousands Of Coins

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This picture liked nearly 15,000 times shows a pretty phone shop owner looking less than amused after being forced to count thousands of coins used by a customer to buy a new iPhone.

The snap was taken in the shopkeeper’s mobile phone store in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei, where the customer came in looking to buy a new iPhone XR.

The device retails for 26,900 TWD (660 GBP) in Taiwan, with most customers paying by card or with 1,000 TWD (25 GBP) notes.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

However, the shopkeeper and her staff were instead given several bags containing thousands of coins, including the island’s smallest denomination – 1 TWD (2 p).

Luo Wei-cheng, the attractive shopkeeper’s employee, told Asia Wire: “The customer paid in 1, 5, 10 and 50 TWD coins.”

He has provided photos showing his pretty boss apparently struggling to contain her annoyance at having to count the thousands of coins.

Luo, who said he does not remember ever feeling so “tired” while receiving money, added: “I don’t even remember how long we took to count the money because I was so focused on each coin.”

The customer in the end walked away with the new iPhone XR, while the phone shop employees were left depositing the bags of coins weighing some 23 kilogrammes (50 lbs).

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