Curvy Model Slammed For Saying WWI Started In 1389

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News 

A model once accused of trying to look like Jessica Rabbit has been mocked after saying on live TV that she thought World War I began in 1389.

Serbian stunner Ana Korac, 25, who found fame on the reality show ‘Zadruga 2’ (Commune 2) in her native country, made the howler on the ‘Ami G Show’ during a quiz segment.

Picture Credit: CEN

One of the questions for contestants asked which year World War I broke out and she blurted out “1389” before confirming it by writing the answer down shortly before the studio audience burst out laughing.

Netizens slammed the curvy model for her answer, stating that she knows more about silicone than general knowledge.

Netizen ‘CG’ said: “World War I, 1389? Oh my God, did she really write that!”

‘Dida Dida’ wrote: “World War I began in 1389? Why is this being shown on TV? Shameful!”

Picture Credit: CEN/@ana_korac

‘Pera Detlic’ commented: “My gran would always say, ‘people who don’t have brains in their head will have them in their boobs and bum.”

‘Xagondzija’ wrote: “The poor woman mixed up WWI with the Battle of Kosovo (1389).”you are

‘Natasa’ said: “And when she was asked which state used to be called Persia, she wrote ‘Rome’! Hahaha!”

The Battle of Kosovo took place on 15 June 1389 that saw the death of Serbian Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovc as he repulsed an Ottoman Empire invasion under the command of Sultan Murad Hudavendigar.

Ana was compared to Jessica Rabbit last year after she shared an image of herself with huge breasts and an unbelievably tiny waist for her army of 286,000 Instagram followers.

She has reportedly undergone cosmetic procedures on her bum and cheekbones.

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