Curvy Fitness Model Praised For Sharing Spotty-Skin Woes

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This curvy fitness model and influencer has been praised for sharing a close-up ‘warts and all’ snap of her without any makeup on while confessing to fans that she suffers with “thin skin” and unsightly red spots.

The busty fitness blogger, who hails from the central-western German city of Frankfurt, posted the photo on Instagram for her 360,000 followers.

Picture Credit: CEN

The model regularly posts jaw-dropping snaps of her hourglass figure squeezed into lingerie items and tight-fitting sportswear, however this time she shared a ‘warts and all’ photo for her dedicated followers.

Tilgner, who boasts that that she can bench press 160 kilogrammes, revealed that she has troublesome skin underneath the makeup she usually plasters on.

The curvy blonde described her skin as “thin” and said that she constantly suffers with unsightly red spots that leave her feeling embarrassed.

Picture Credit: CEN

The fitness model admitted that she has to use a lot of makeup to cover up her blemishes and decided that now is a good time to show her fans what she looks like without beauty products.

Tilgner said: “I guess a lot of people have the same problem.”

Picture Credit: CEN

She asked her army of followers if the post was relevant to them and promised to provide updates on how she tackles her problematic skin if fans agreed.

Until now, 85 percent of her followers have asked the busty influencer to keep them abreast of her progress.

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