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Cruel Nursing Home Worker Grabs Frail OAPs Breasts

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@PerakPress

This footage shows a frail elderly woman having her breasts grabbed by a nursing home cruel as the defenceless pensioner tries to bat the cruel worker away.

The disturbing scene was recorded at a nursing home in the town of Seremban, in Western Malaysia’s Negeri Sembilan Province and the authorities are now investigating after the footage was posted online.

In the video, a female worker at the nursing home grabs an elderly resident’s breast and the woman responds by trying to slap the worker’s arm.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The worker, who has not been named but is believed to be a caretaker, then pretends to fight back, going into a martial arts stance before repeatedly grabbing the OAP’s breast. 

The elderly woman tries to bat the worker away but the harassment continues until the worker beings jumping away from the OAP’s slaps, hopping around the room and screeching.

The video was posted onto social by a user who has now removed his account. The user reportedly claimed that the caretakers at the nursing home have forced the residents there to drink urine, as well as starving and hitting them.

Local media report the netizen claimed a female worker had locked the residents in their bedrooms for several hours at a time and even forced them to eat spicy chillies and take large numbers of sleeping pills.

Reports state 16 residents at the nursing home have died since 2017, with the facility housing a maximum of 16 residents at any given time.

The private nursing home, which has not been named in reports, reportedly opened its doors in 2016.

Nicole Tan Lee Koon, the Chairwoman of the Women and Welfare Affairs Committee of Negeri Sembilan, told reports that they are investigating the incident and that she had visited the facility as part of the probe.

She added that the nursing home’s owner had filed a police report against their own caretakers, according to reports.

The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been reported.

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