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Cruel Landlord Wants To Evict Woman After Hubby Tried To Blow Her Up

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A woman whose ex-husband planted a bomb in front of her house is being kicked out by her landlord as he is worried about his property being damaged.

The incident happened in the south-central Turkish town of Urgup in the central Turkish province of Nevsehir after jilted lover Bayram Celik, 32, allegedly decided to kill his wife rather than let someone else be with her.

Hacer Celik, 26, met her future husband several years ago and fell for his charms and claims of owning a profitable car rental business.


The couple became lovers and then married in March 2018, however, once they were living together, it turned out that he had been lying about many things including the car hire business he previously claimed was able to support them financially.

Upset at the lies, the victim moved out and returned to her family where he had turned up to ask her to come back to him.

When she refused, he then reportedly set up the bomb he brought with him before it was then spotted by cops.


When she spotted him sneaking around outside the house, she called the police instead of going outside to confront him, which would probably have triggered the device.

Bomb disposal experts decided to detonate the device in a controlled explosion at the scene, rather than attempting to remove it.

Meanwhile, the suspect was arrested and taken to court on an attempted murder charge.


The young woman and her family thought that the ordeal was over with his imprisonment, however, they have now been told to leave the rented property by the landlord.

Hacer Celik said: “After all the things we’ve been through, the landlord told us to leave the house. After my ex tried to burn the house down and also fired a gun at the property, neighbours complained to the landlord and he now wants us out.”

She said the landlord’s behaviour was effectively supporting her husband’s vendetta instead of standing in solidarity against victims of gender violence.


The victim said it was not just a problem in public perception, but also at state level, where not enough is being done to support women.

She added: “As a victim of gender violence, I want the perpetrators of such incidents to never be released. If he is released from prison, he will try to do the same thing again.

“If our state does not make these people pay, then these things will happen time and again. Maybe when he gets out of prison I will be one of the women ending up on the list of those murdered.


“Yes, maybe this time I survived, but what about next time? I’m sure I won’t be so lucky if there is a next time.”

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