Cruel German Dad Beats Baby To Death With TV Control

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Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A German man has gone on trial today for beating this tiny baby to death with a TV remote control after his partner walked out on them because of his violent attacks.

The alleged killer, identified only as Christian H. because of local privacy laws, called the police and said that the child had died after falling down the stairs at their flat in the German town of Wiesloch in the early hours of 22nd May.

However, when officers arrived, it was clear that the baby had not died of natural death. Prosecutors say there was evidence of “massive violence” and the father was placed in investigative custody.


An expert report confirmed that the injuries did not match what the father was claiming, and detectives believed the baby was repeatedly struck with a television remote control after disturbing the father by crying.

When confronted with the allegations, Christian H., an unemployed chef, admitted that he had been taking cannabis and amphetamines the day the child died.

He added that he gave the baby a “slap around the ear” because he would not stop crying.

However, he denied being a killer or wanting his child to die, even though an autopsy revealed the recent injuries as well as evidence of previous violent attacks.

The jobless 40-year-old man attracted the attention of the police more than 30 times because of drug-related offences, and the mother, identified only as 34-year-old Eva J., had left him and the baby at the end of February because he frequently beat her, according to local media.

She reportedly struggled to bond with the child and had issues related to her mother being an alcoholic and drinking heavily when pregnant with her.


As result, the only contact with her husband and child after she walked out in February had been by telephone.

The latest attack happened shortly after 6 o’clock in the morning when the dad claimed he wants to go for a walk with the baby and had dropped him on the staircase.

He said that the child did not move and admitted waiting another hour before calling the police and shortly after that the emergency doctor.

The case sparked allegations of incompetence by social workers, who had frequently visited the father and child and did not confiscate the baby even though they knew he was a drug user.

On the last visit, they even noticed that the baby had a bruise on its head, but believed the father when he said the child had dropped a wooden toy on himself.

It was also revealed that the mother had frequently filed complaints with the police about his violent behaviour before finally moving out.

However, prosecutors had decided to take no action against the youth protection team, who last November removed the baby from its parents for four weeks before returning him.

The trial gets underway today (9th December).

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