Cruel Drunk Mum Puts 1yo In Hospital For Dirty Clothes

Story ByElena Kalioglo, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a one-year-old girl is beaten by her mother while her mum’s pal giggles and films it in a clip taken before the tot was hospitalised.

The footage, which ended up online quickly went viral with social media users asking for the the mother – who according to local media was drunk – to be arrested and punished.

Picture Credit: CEN

It allegedly shows the mother of three, identified as Oksana Vlasova, from the village of Ivanovka in the Russian Amur Region, furious that her daughter has got herself dirty.

The girl, was reportedly just over a year old, is hit and shouted at by the mother who says: “Do not scream… You are a dumb toad. You are no better than an animal. Come on, suffocate.”

Almost as shocking is the fact that the person filming, reportedly a friend of the mother, instead of intervening simply films it, egging on the mother and then bizarrely uploading the video to the Internet.

Picture Credit: CEN

After the footage was uploaded, authorities intervened and all three children taken into care. That included the girl who was beaten aged one and another sister who is only a few months old, both of whom needed hospital treatment.

The other child, a boy seen running past the camera lens, has also been taken into care.

Online commentator Yuri Khosrovyan said: – “I couldn’t watch until the end. And such mothers should be hanged.”

Picture Credit: CEN

And Malena Malenovna said: “I understand she is an orphan herself, she personally knows what it means to grow up without love and she treats her children like that? I have no words. She will not change, poor children.”

While Natasha A Rosenberg added: “I couldn’t fully watch the video. I wanted to stop this woman. This goes too far!!! Poor children !!! They need love and care. Not this. Why does this woman have children? ?? For her, vodka is more expensive than the children she gave birth to, but she does not love them. I want to cry looking at this! ”

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