Cruel Couple Drag Cute Dog Behind Horse-Drawn Cart

Story By: Madalina Spulber, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

Video Credit: CEN/@paul.alinclaudiu

This is the heartbreaking moment a couple drags a struggling dog on the road behind a horse-drawn cart before an angry motorist intervenes and stops the cruel torture.

The incident was filmed by an unnamed driver outside the city of Rupea in the central Romanian region of Transylvania and later posted on Facebook.

In the shocking footage, a black dog is seen struggling as it is dragged behind a horse-drawn cart being driven by a cruel couple in the front.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

At one point, the poor pooch stops kicking and appears motionless as its face is nearly run over by a rear wheel.

At the end of the clip, the cart pulls over to the roadside and the filming motorist stops to tell them that the dog may be dead.

According to local media, nobody has reported the incident to the police, but the authorities decided to launch an investigation after seeing the footage.

The cops have identified the couple driving the cart and reportedly found the dog alive and well at the suspects’ home.

Police spokeswoman Alina Maria Ivan said: “Law enforcement officials have carried out checks and investigated the video showing the animal being dragged by a cart.

“Also, the dog was found by the police at its owner’s residence and it did not show signs of injury.”

It is currently unclear whether the couple will be charged with animal abuse.