Cruel Cop Beats Baby-Holding Mum With Iron-Clad Stick

Story ByLee BullenSub EditorMichael LeidigAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire/@voiceofyourshow

This is the moment an Indian cop batters a woman holding a baby with an iron-clad truncheon and pulls her roughly by her hair.

The unnamed officer is believed to have beaten the woman with his ‘lathi’ truncheon at the Gwalior Railway Police station in the city of Gwalior in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. 

The lathi truncheon is normally made of bamboo bound at short intervals with iron rings, and according to reports, the footage was leaked online where it has been viewed 85,000 times.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

In the clip, three women are sitting on the floor while cradling young tots.

The officer gestures for the women to stand up, and they nervously edge towards the door and plead for mercy.

He starts whacking one young woman around her legs, missing the baby by inches.

The cop then grabs her hair and lifts her up while hitting her with the iron-clad lathi.

He then appears to instruct the woman to gather her belongings that had spilled over the floor from her bag.

Three other cops are seen in the clip and at least one of them appears to be grinning as the women on the floor are threatened.

In response to the video’s release, the local police have claimed that it is old footage although they admitted to being unaware of its existence.

They also vowed to quiz the officer when he returns from an assignment.

The probe continues.