Cruel Children Beat Dog Before Big-Hearted Teens Save It

Story By: Anna CasapSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

Video Credit: CEN/@club_dobryakov_astany

This is the moment a group of young boys beat a poor pooch tied to a pole with a belt and hurl stones at the helpless creature before a pair of big-hearted teens reportedly came to its rescue.

The incident took place in the village of Talapker, 20 kilometres (12 miles) from the capital city of Nur-Sultan in northern Kazakhstan.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@club_dobryakov_astany

In the video, the kids can be seen hurling stones and beating the tied dog with a belt as the poor pooch barks and tries to dodge the abuse.

According to local media, Kristina Klyakina, 16, from Nur-Sultan was visiting her friend in the village when she saw the dog being brutally beaten by local children and filmed the incident.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@club_dobryakov_astany

Klyakina told the media: “I was about to leave [my friend’s home]. When I went out into the yard, I heard a dog barking and whimpering. I looked out over the fence and saw exactly what was in the video. Children with sticks, everything that they could find, beating the dog.”

She called her male friend who reportedly sent the boys packing and saved the dog.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@club_dobryakov_astany

According to the teenage girl, even after the ordeal the dog did not become aggressive and even followed his rescuers home.

She added: “The dog just looked at me and sat calmly. I untied it without any problems, then it also followed me back into the house.”

The teenagers did not have the means to bring the animal to the city, so they treated its wounds and left it at the house. 

Animal rights activists also volunteered to try to find a home for the dog. It is unclear if it has been adopted. It is unclear if the dog was a stray or a pet.

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