Cruel Caretaker Throws Cute Pooch From Uni Dorms Balcony

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment an adorable white pooch kept as a pet by students is chucked from the top floor of a balcony of student dorms and can be heard whining in pain after it hits the ground below.

The dog was discovered being kept by the students by a caretaker at the student dormitory who was filmed as he casually flings it over the balcony where it can be seen falling to its death. The agonised animal, however, did not die immediately, and its dying whimpering was heard by hundreds of shocked students living there.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

The footage was reportedly shot yesterday at the Ningbo Traffic Technical Middle School in Ningbo City, in Zhejiang Province where the elderly caretaker is seen picking the dog up by the scruff of its neck after finding it on the corner of the Belkin and student room.

Several students living in the room witness the tragedy and Can be heard shouting out in shock as the dog flies off into the darkness and then it is whimpering can be heard echoing up from the ground below.

The video also shows the dorm admin later being arrested, but not for animal cruelty, instead he was reported for endangering lives by throwing an object from a high attitude.

Local animal right activist went to the spot and found the dog was dead and they photographed it with blood coming out of its mouth. They said the body by this point was cold and hard and they took the body away to be properly disposed of through cremation.

Student Qiayu said: “The boys kept the white dog at dorm, which is not permitted in our school.”

He said that the caretaker was hunting for a dog after reports that an animal had done a poo on the stairs, but everyone was shocked at the fact that he had then simply chucked it off the balcony.

And student Chun Xiaonuan said: “It’s such a tragedy when seeing this video on social media at night. How can this school educate students?”

PETA Asia press officer Keith Guo told Asia Wire: “Dogs in China are at risk of all sorts of horrors—from the country’s dog-meat and -leather industries to vicious attacks such as this one.

“PETA is calling for this dorm admin to be dismissed. While PETA condemns all violence toward animals, we’re happy to see that students voiced their concern over the man’s actions—it’s clear that young people won’t stand for cruelty to animals and that the way the public views animals is changing.

“This incident is yet another reason why China must implement animal-welfare laws—for the sake of all animals, and because the public demands it.”

So far the school and police have not commented on this incident.

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