Crucifix-Wearing TV Stars Nipples Cause Outrage

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder,  Agency: Central European News

A TV host has caused outrage online by sharing a picture of her wearing a crucifix while apparently showing her nipples in a bikini snap.

Beautiful Olga Orlova, who is the host of the ‘Dom-2’ (‘House 2’), one of the most popular reality shows in Russia, posted the picture on social media sharing it with her 1.2 million followers.

In the picture, taken in the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, where the reality show is being shot, the 41-year-old star can be seen stood in a swimming pool wearing a red bikini top and a crucifix necklace.

The red bikini has slightly slipped from her left breast seemingly revealing part of her nipple.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@olgaorlova1311 

The presence of the Christian religious symbol close to the partly-seen nipple in the picture caused outrage among believers.

Sosial media user ‘Mericrivitskaia’ said: “The Crucifix is inappropriate in this photo.”

And ‘Svidler Sonya’ said: “The picture is quite provocative. You should have thought of feelings of Christians before publishing it.”

While ‘Kirukha Khoroshov’ added: “Was it really necessary to show your nipple by the crucifix on your neck?! Shameless and audacity!”

However, a lot of netizens concentrated their attention on the nipple only with ‘Realmisha_1’ commenting: “Interesting anatomy!”

And ‘Versace.Butch’ confessed “I like when they are dark!”

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