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Cross-Country Skiers Share Gruesome Injuries After Icy Race In Switzerland

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

These are some of the gruesome injuries several cross-country skiers suffered during a marathon which left some fearing amputation of fingers and toes.

Participants of the 8th “La Diagonela” were left with severe frostbite injuries after temperatures plunged to below -25 centigrade.

Organizers of the event claimed the temperatures were “only” -15 centigrade however local weather reports from the day for the region show that this temperature was only obtained around 11am.


The icy temperatures left no possibility for a proper warm up and it was so frozen that some of the athletes even reported breathing problems.

The pictures were shared by several star skiers who participated in the cross-country long-distance race in the classic technique called ‘La Diagonela’ in the municipality of Zuoz in the region of Maloja in the Swiss canton of Graubunden on 16th January.

One of the pictures shows Norwegian competitor Andreas Nygaard who was left without skin on several fingers.


Despite the grim picture, Nygaard said he hopes to be back and ready for another cross-country race called the Vasaloppet on 7th March.

Swedish skier Michael Eklof shared pictures of his injured toes and even fears having one of them amputated.

He said he is still stunned by everything that happened and cannot imagine what it would be like to lose a big toe.


He was accompanied by German skier Patrick Ottilinger who is also on the verge of having two toes amputated, according to local media.

Swedish skier Britta Norgren shared a snap of her feet after nearly having toes amputated from frostbite. Though the worst is behind her, she still has a hard time balancing herself.

Another Swedish skier named Frida Karlsson, who suffered similar injuries to her compatriot, told local sources “it was like being in a horror movie” after seeing the effects of exposing her body to extreme conditions, adding that “nobody wants to experience that”.


The organizers expressed their regret towards what the contestants had to go through, however it is unknown whether they would face legal consequences.

‘La Diagonela’ is the largest cross-country race in classical technique in Switzerland and stretches across 60 kilometres (37 miles) of the country.

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