CREEP IN A JEEP: Man Charged After Leaving Premature Newborn On Woman’s Car Bonnet

A man has been detained after he allegedly left his premature newborn son on the bonnet of a stranger’s parked car.

The father, identified as Jorge Grados, 41, from Mansfield, Connecticut, USA was taken into custody on Monday, 21st November.

Jorge Grados, 41, poses in undated photo. He was charged with intentional cruelty to persons and risk of injury to a child, for leaving a premature baby on the hood of a strangers car on Mansfield in Mansfield, Connecticut, USA, on March 23, 2022. (State of Connecticut – DESPP/Newsflash)

He was charged with one count of risk of injury to a minor and one count of intentional cruelty to persons, after he abandoned his newborn child on the bonnet of an unknown woman’s vehicle.

The woman had reportedly arrived on the field at 200 block of Pleasant Valley Road to take photographs of birds when Grados appeared with the baby wrapped in a towel at around 4.15pm.

She said: “About five minutes after I walked into the field, a black newer SUV with chrome on the back pulled in front of my car.

“I did not get a license plate. A white or Latino bulky male in his thirties, with dark black hair, not very tall, with black jogger pants and a black long sleeve T-shirt carrying a blue towel bundled up started shouting at me ‘I’m sorry’, while walking toward my car.

“The male continued to shout ‘I’m sorry’.

“The male then put the blue towel bundled up on the passenger side of the hood of my car.

“The male then yelled ‘it’s a baby’.”

But when she attempted to approach Grados, he went back to his SUV and fled. He was reportedly alone in the vehicle.

The woman alerted police even before she had checked what was inside the towel.

She said: “I then heard whimpering coming from inside the blue bundled-up towel.

“I then opened up the blue bundled-up towel and saw a baby.

“The baby looked like a newborn with bodily fluid on it.

“The baby looked purple, was warm, and it was very small.

“I then waved down a woman driving, who stopped and started to help me.”

The other woman told officers she was delivering a DoorDash order from Burger King when she saw the distressed woman and pulled over.

Picture shows Pleasant Valley Road in Mansfield, Connecticut, USA, undated. Jorge Grados, 41, left a premature baby on the hood of a strangers car here, on March 23, 2022. (Google Maps/Newsflash)

She said: “[The woman] told me, ‘Somebody just left a baby on my car’ and pointed to [redacted] vehicle.”

She reportedly performed CPR on the boy before paramedics arrived on the scene and took him to the hospital.

Based on the child’s temperature and respiratory rate, he would not have survived more than 30 minutes without assistance, paramedics claimed.

The criminal complaint issued by Rockville Superior Court said: “The infant was determined to be a premature boy, weighing approximately 2 lbs, and having been delivered within the past 24 to 48 hours.”

Because there were no surveillance cameras nearby, investigators obtained a mobile phone data search warrant at the location where the baby was abandoned in April.

They then identified Grados after detecting a device that did not belong to any of the witnesses.

During a police interrogation on 26th September, Grados told how a woman with whom he had had unprotected sexual intercourse came to his flat accompanied by another man that day.

She allegedly told him that she “couldn’t have the baby because of where she lived and her illegal status”.

Grados said: “After talking to [redacted] a little bit and trying to bargain with her, the male, who I believe is her cousin, pulled up his shirt and showed me a pistol in his waistband.

“He didn’t pull it out but he threatened me stating he would kill my family if I called the police.

“Then [redacted] passed the baby off to me. The baby had no clothes and was just wrapped in a purple towel.”

Grados claimed he drove for two hours looking for a place to leave the infant before finally leaving it on top of the woman’s car.

A paternity test later confirmed that Grados was the boy’s biological father.

The investigation continues.