Crashing Cars Narrowly Avoid Lucky Moped Woman

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment two cars crash at a crossroads and both vehicles then head towards a woman on a moped only narrowly avoiding her by inches.

Traffic camera footage from the city of Dezhou in China’s eastern Shandong Province shows a black and a silver saloon car both entering the junction at the same time.

Neither vehicle slows down and they collide in the centre of the crossroads, causing both cars to crash out of control and veer off to the side where the lone woman can be seen riding her moped.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The silver vehicle threatens to mow her down but crashes to a halt against a lamp post just inches away, causing the light cover to crash onto the ground.

The startled woman then escapes a second time as the out-of-control black saloon also brakes right next to her.

In the video, the startled woman wastes no time and immediately rides away between the two crashed cars, fleeing the scene in seconds.

The crash is still being investigated, while local residents have revealed the crossroads to be accident prone due to its lack of traffic lights.

Local authorities did not reveal whether either motorist was injured during the crash, or whether both would be liable for the accident.

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