CRASH COURSE: Cops Almost Collide With Narco Boat Off The Spanish Coast After Seizing 7,700lbs Of Drugs

This is the extraordinary moment cops escaped serious harm as they chased a speedboat carrying over 7,700 lbs of hashish in an adrenaline-fueled drug bust in the waters off the Spanish coast.

The police intervention, which took place near the port of Huelva city, in Spain, ended after a 40-minute-long dangerous chase where at one point the cop’s boat almost collided with the narco boat when it made a sharp turn.

It ended eventually however with the seizing of 3,500 kilogrammes (7,700 lbs) of drugs that drug traffickers failed to dispose of.

The operation was initiated when the Civil Guard’s Operational Coordination Center reportedly detected the presence of a boat with several occupants who had a large number of bales aboard and were heading for the coast, apparently with the intention of clearing in that area.

Agents from the Judicial Police Organic Unit, the Provincial Maritime Service and an Air Service helicopter participated in a coordinated intervention that was started immediately.

The drug traffickers quickly detected their presence, gave up on their intention and turned the boat back around.

Civil Guard police boat narrowly avoids collision with a speedboat that was carrying drugs off the coast of Huelva, Spain, undated. The boat was carrying 3,500 kilos of hashish which were later recovered by police. (Newsflash)

But they failed as they were located only 20 miles from the coast and the police boat and helicopter were right on their tail.

The police chased them at full speed for almost an hour.

Aerial footage shows the four traffickers scrambling to ditch the heavy hundreds of packages containing drugs to gain speed.

Police chase a drug boat off the coast of Huelva, Spain, undated. They recovered 3,500 kilos of hashish. (Newsflash)

The boat driver can be seen performing life-risking manoeuvres to avoid being captured by the agents who put themselves in danger during the pursuit.

The traffickers dumped all their merchandise in the water which the police were able to recover soon after.

The seized bundles each weighed about 30 to 35 kilogrammes (65 to 77 lbs) and were collected by the agents to later be destroyed.

Police chase a drug boat off the coast of Huelva, Spain, undated. They recovered 3,500 kilos of hashish. (Newsflash)

Police are currently investigating the case and are reportedly hoping to make arrests in the near future.